3mpoweryou (pronounced Om Power You) is here to assist you with your wellness journey.

Succeeding in your personal wellbeing is so  important. 

Everyone, no matter their background is looking for a life of wellness and happiness. 
Research shows that people are seeking alternative approaches including yoga and natural health options.

The combination of yoga and essential oils is powerful! I'm here to help you focus on YOU and your needs. You can do this by learning about and participating in yoga as well as learning about essential oils which can assist you.


Enjoy this wellbeing journey.

Meet Judy

Judy is the owner of 3mpoweryou and is passionate about helping people improve their wellbeing.

This includes helping you enhance your mind to a space of calmness, improve your strength and flexibility. All of this is achieved with yoga and essential oils. 
You can live a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle!

 Judy has a vast experience in personal development and she has taught development and wellbeing courses in government and private practices for over 30 years. 

Judy has a Diploma in Yoga Teaching and has practiced yoga since she was 7 years old. 

Join Judy in her mission to help
 People Succeed with their Wellbeing.

How Can I Help you?

With so much information online about how to take care of our health, it can feel overwhelming to know what tools to use to make the biggest difference. 

With regular yoga classes you will feel your wellbeing transform. Your mind will be calmer, body more flexible and stronger. 

Add to this using essential oils and you will be incredibly powerful both mentally and physically.

Join me in learning more.


Make an Impact on yourself

Start yoga with Judy - this is suitable for beginners and progressive students.

Expand What's Possible

With yoga and pure essential oils, you can experience greater health and wellness than ever before...


Improve Your Health

Learn how to use doTERRA essential oils to live well and feel better faster.

Help Those You Love

Share natural solutions with those you care about so they can live well also.

Be Part of Something Better!

If you've been looking for more meaning and depth in your life, I'm here to support you! I know you were born for big things. 

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