3 x 30 minutes yoga



Making time for 30 minutes of yoga a few times a week is a great way to maintain your flexibility and relax your mind. Sessions have been developed to work on specific parts of the body. Choose the sessions you want, or do them progressively.


Welcome to 3 x 30

Each week there is three sessions. Two are physical practices and the other one is a meditation. Do all of them at a time that suits YOU. Back to back, one a day or mix them up. Enjoy!

Week One

Are you ready? This week you are working with your lower back and hips. The meditation for this week is Yoga Nidra. Do the classes in a way that suits you - morning, night, week days or on the weekend. Enjoy!

Week Two

This week you are working with your core and hamstrings. The meditation for this week is Antar Mouna.

Week Three

This week you are doing a stretching session and Salute to the Sun (Surya Namaskara) preparation and practice. The meditation this week is Kaya Sthairyam stages 1 to 6.

Week Four

This week you are targeting your joints and hips. You will also be doing alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) and the Golden Light meditation around the body.

Week Five

Let's start with a session to strengthen your thighs using squats and the second session is working with your shoulders. Your meditation this week is Yoga Nidra with a variation to the visualisations.

Week Six

This is the last week, so we are stepping it up. Yes, the sessions will be a bit stronger as you work with all of your back and core. The meditation is a full scan of the body and chakra activation. Enjoy!

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