Any Time Yoga



The Anytime Yoga sessions have been developed to work on specific parts of the body. Each session is about 30 minutes, so easy to fit into your day. You are also encouraged to do meditation - if you can make the time, you are encouraged to do this daily. There are seven meditations ranging from 9 minutes to 30 minutes. Set up a time that suits you and choose the sessions you want, or do them progressively.


Welcome to Any Time Yoga

Each week there is two yoga sessions. The meditations have been grouped together. The timing of each session is visible so you can easily select which meditation will work for you given your time availability. Enjoy!

Week One

Are you ready? This week you are working on flexibility and strengthening your core muscles. Do the classes in a way that suits you - morning, night, week days or on the weekend. Remember to add in some meditation as well. Enjoy!

Week Two

This week you are working with your hamstrings and hips. Remember to pick a meditation that works for you.

Week Three

This week you are doing an all over body stretching session and Salute to the Sun (Surya Namaskara). Let's get going!

Week Four

This week you are getting into your joints and focusing on the digestive system.

Week Five

This week you are developing the strength in your thighs and mobility in your shoulders.

Week Six

This is the last week of the Anytime Yoga program. In week one you did the initial work on the core and last week there was a focus on the thighs. By week six you will be feeling improvements in both these areas. So, let's step it up!

Meditation options

Choose a meditation that works for you. There are seven meditations available and you can pick what you feel will help you each day. Sometimes you have 30 minutes and other times only 10 minutes. Grab what you like when you like.

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