What is a Sankalpa

Sowing the seed of change
Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word which translates to resolve or resolution. It is used in the meditation - Yoga Nidra.

Why would you want or need a Sankalpa?
Great question! 
A sankalpa's purpose is to transform one's life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Your sankalpa takes the form of a short positive mental statement/goal which is impressed on your subconscious.
You use the same words each time you repeat your sankalpa. Like your own personal mantra.

Choose a sankalpa that is:
·       Possibly to reform a habit ie smoking, drinking, weight concerns
·       Improve the quality of life/living
·       Creating changes in your personality
·       Realising what you want to achieve in life

The sankalpa can also be visualised.

Here are some examples:
·       I am healthy
·       I am successful in all that I undertake
·       I am efficient
·       I am aware
·       I am supportive towards ………..
·       I am strong
·       I am confident
·       I am open to change

Choose/create your sankalpa based on your needs. Do not force your mind to come up with a sankalpa, this will happen instinctively.

Don’t expect change overnight, this is a goal you are working towards. Keep your sankalpa until your change has occurred. This is your sankalpa, you do not need to share this with anyone but yourself. 

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