Make sure your oils are pure

In my experience using essential oils I have been horrified that some companies and individuals have a lack of transparency the letting you know what is REALLY in their oils.

Always make sure that what you are using in the air (aromatically), on your body (topically) or in your food/water (internally) is a pure oil and that it does NOT have any fillers. Some will say it is pure, but is it really......

There is no universal standard for essential oils and there are no laws governing what is in essential oils. So doTERRA has created their own processes to test their oils and they also have them independently tested. doTERRA is also working with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association to get their oils approved.

Independent testing through Aromatic Plant Research Centre (APRC) has shown that there are only three companies world wide that has 100% pure essential oils. Yes, only three! doTERRA is one of them and this is why I choose doTERRA. They rigorously test every batch. If it shows ANY sign of impurities it is not bottled or sold.

To check doTERRA oils look at the number on the bottom of the bottle and key it into Source to You quality reports. 

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