Bhramari Breathing

Bhramari Breath - humming bee breath

Why practice Bhramari breathing?

The pranayama (breathing) practice of bhramari is used to reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and cerebral tension, and alleviate anger, anxiety and insomnia. Research has proven that “bhramari practice produces relaxed state and, in this state, parasympathetic activity overrides the sympathetic activity. It suggests that Bhramari pranayama improves the resting cardiovascular parameters in healthy adolescents[1].”

For all you budding singers out there, “Bhramari pranayama is effective in improving the acoustic and aerodynamic parameters of voice”[2].

As you do this practice it induces a meditative state by harmonising the mind and directing awareness inwards.
The practice of bhramari involves making a sound that imitates the deep, steady humming sound of a bee. This produces a soothing effect on the mind and nervous system.

So, now you know some of the benefits how do you do?

Like anything you start to learn you will need to practice this breath to get comfortable with it.

  • Sit in a calm meditative asana (position). Close your eyes, connect with your breath and let the whole body relax.
  • Your lips are together, chin relaxed with your teeth slightly apart.
  • Bring your hands to your ears with your chest open and elbows out. Gently use your index or middle fingers to plug in the flaps of the ears. For children they might find it easier to cover their ears with the palms of the hands.
  • Bring your awareness to the eyebrow centre (ajna chakra).
  • Take a slow and deep breath in through the nostrils and as you exhale create a smooth humming sound. Keep it even and continuous for the length of the exhalation. Sense the reverberation of the front of your skull.
Repeat this 5 times. That is one round. Return your hands to your knees and continue to sense the impact of the practice.
Repeat for 4 more rounds and over time you can keep extending the practice to 10 – 15 minutes.

Precaution: Do not do this practice if you have a severe ear infections. 

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